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WE MADE IT! We are now sifting through 150 hours of footage so that we can be ready for the Slamdance Festival, due on October 29th.


The Trip:
Seven friends who have found a common bond in surfing have finally decided to stop dreaming of a surf trip and actually take one. Everyone has stepped away from their every day jobs and responsibilities in order to pursue a dream that most people will only think about doing. The group started by purchasing an RV they named "Hard Chillin" for $1000 off craigslist. Eight people (the crew of 7 and 1 camera man), were going to take the RV to the California/Oregon border to start a 14 day surf excursion through the coastal counties until they reached the border of California/Mexico.

The Test:
- Surfing is the #1 priority for everyone in the group. We will start at the nothern-most point of CA and travel to a new county to surf every day. California's coastline is 1264 Miles, so we are averaging 90 miles of driving a day.
- The second goal of the trip is to enjoy the uniqueness of California. Each county has very different landscapes, weather, environments and locals. Some days we will take on an out of water activity and others we will just enjoy the scenery.
- The third goal, and probably most important, is to complete the trip. Having the stress of traveling a large distance, with 8 people in a 25ft RV that is 31 years old is A LOT to handle. We'll pack the essentials to keep and RV running but positive thought and morale will be tested to new limits.

The trip is:
7 Friends traveling from Border to Border to surf 14 counties in 14 days all packed up in 1 RV.

The question should really be "why not?". You can spend your whole life dreaming of trips like this but what is actually stopping you from doing it. We are'nt wealthy, we aren't professional athletes, we aren't anything more special than your average 20-something year olds who live to work and play. The whole idea behind this trip is to inspire others to live their dreams too. Don't be afraid of who you are or where you are. If you love something, dream of something, get out there and do it.