Adam "Baby Newch" Newacheck


: Adam Newacheck
DOB: April 13th, 1986
Hometown: Concord, CA
Started Surfing: Winter 2009
Boards: 6'8" Fish, 6'2" Beto
Favorite Surf Movie: Castles In The Sky

Hey, I'm Baby Newch. I got the surfing bug late but once I got it I never looked back. I love everything about it, the getting up early, waiting in the water, and then the feeling of catching a great wave.

I have been dating Haley for 3 years now and have been Kyle's Brother for 24 years. I met my best friend Benjabong in high school, we were roommates in college, and now we work together in LA. Chargin, Benjabong, Haze and I all became friends in the Film program at CSU Monterey Bay.

To be honest I only surfed twice while in Monterey. It wasn't till I was on a surf documentary for the Paskowitz family that I really got into it. Haze, the guys and I have been surfing almost every weekend since.

I am currently trying to start my own media company while just growing and coming into my own. This project I think will really allow me to find myself. Keep looking through the site I am sure there is something new!