Haley "Haze" Pikhart


: Haley Pikhart
DOB: Sept 20th, 1985
Hometown: Burbank, CA
Started Surfing: Summer '99
Boards: (Mini Tubes)6'0" Kennedy, (Toothpick) 5'7" Beto
Favorite Surf Movie: Surf's Up

I was raised with my brother, Trevor and my Cousin, Griffin. Instead of having babysitters, our family dropped us off with snowboards, skateboards, or surfboards, depending on where we were. I can honestly say that I have pushed life’s limits with these two and I will continue to do so. TGH

Over the last few years I have met my boyfriend (Adam) and he caught right on to the surf life. Soon enough he got his brother (Kyle) and best friend (Benbong) involved and then last but not least, Chargonious decided to join us.

I may be crazy for being the only girl on this trip but these guys are my best friends and I couldn't imagine this trip with anyone else.

“Life is what you make of it. Always had been, always will be”