Kyle "Karl" Newacheck


: Kyle Newacheck
DOB: January 23rd, 1985
Hometown: Concord, CA
Started Surfing: Summer 2009
Boards: (Ribs) 6'6" kennedy, (Ochode) 5'8" Twin Fin
Favorite Surf Movie: Step Into Liquid
I am the oldest one on the trip and these "youngsters" are ready to take it to the limit. (I dont know if i'll be able to keep up). If you ask my friends and family they will probably tell you that I am the most sporadic person they know. I like to learn about and get really involved in anything that grabs my attention. Most of these “fads” die off in a week or so but filmmaking and surfing have remained a passion. Although I have only been surfing for a little over a year, I can’t get enough and I’m constantly thinking about my next dip in the ocean.