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Haley Pikhart (25): Is the only girl in the group and is the one who got most of these people to start surfing. She keeps the group organized and can be stubborn at times. Although she may come across as a pain, she just wants everyone to have the time of their life.


Griffin Turner (22): Is the "go-to" guy. If you need a pep talk to push yourself, a level head to vent to, or just a surf tip to improve your session, he's the guy. He just finished his contract with the Marines and is ready to make the most of this trip. How hard is life?

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Trevor Pikhart (22): Is the young guy on the trip. He works just to have enough gas money to get to the beach. Although he doesn't have much, the group enjoys his care free attitude that has encouraged most of us to do this trip.


Adam Newacheck (24): Is the "fix-it" guy. He loves using a mixture of knowledge and guessing to fix anything that is broken. He is driven and hard working, and that is what will hold this trip together.


Ben Hoedt (23): Is the guy who never gives up. He just had hernia surgery and has been out of the water for 3 months. Although he knows his surfing has gone down hill, he's here to give it his all no matter how hard the trip gets.


Kyle Newacheck (26): Is the oldest guy on the trip. He works hard and just wants to take a vacation. He claims his old body wont be able to keep up with the "youngsters" but the group will make sure that he doesn't get any slack.


Ben Chargin (25): Is the only child. He is a bit of an oddball but his new energy and love for different things gives the group a breath of fresh air. Although he's not used to having siblings around, the group treats him like a brother wether he likes it or not.