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August 28th, 2010

This will be our first stop and the coldest stop, we will update this when we move on to the next location.

South Beach
Crescent City is the largest city in Del Norte County, and South Beach is it's most popular surf spot. It is right off highway one, which is the same as Highway 101 in these parts. You can park in the parking lots and streets that run beside the beach leading north toward the harbor. The harbor's south jetty forms the north end of South Beach.

It's a typical beach break with decent sandbars. It's main benefit is the SW facing angle. This means the dominant NW west winds will blow sideshore instead of hard onshore, much like the Half Moon Bay Jetty. It's not that it is epic but it's the best bet for the average surfer travelling in this area. I surfed here with sloppy swell, hard-ass NW sideshore winds, and grey gloom and doom in the skies and sea.
Crescent City itself seems pretty grim economically. Besides the forest service and watching prisoners at the Big "Q", the only major employment seems to be the declining fishing industry. That probably explains the lack of crowds but also explains the lack of large crowds. For those that have a job, it must be nice to living by a redwood forest slammed agains the Pacific.
For lodging there is the modest Crescent Beach Motel. You can walk out your door to the surf from there. Seven miles south of Crescent City is the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park and is a good option for camping.
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