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August 29th, 2010
Location staying: Shelter Cove RV Park


Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove is a a bit removed compared to most popular surf spots. From the 101 in Garberville it's over 20 miles of twisty, windy road. It also stands alone on the coast so it's not like you just happen to pass through it on your way to other spots. However, it's still South Humboldt's most popular spot, probably because it's the only one accessible by car.
There are four main breaks here:

  • First Reef - Medium tide break, gentler than the others.
  • Second Reef - Also known as Deadman's. The most popular spot here. North winds blow offshore and it picks up a south swell which can form long walls. Parking is at the boat ramp. Incoming tide is best.
  • Third Reef - Between Deadman's and No Pass. Breaks best on a low tide, clean conditions, and a medium sized swell.
  • No Pass - Long walk from Second Reef. Rocky spot with steep takeoffs and fast lefts. Incoming tide best.
There is a small boat harbor here, a few motels, an RV park, a couple of restaurants, and a golf course. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management administers a few primitive campgrounds in the area. Shelter Cove is also a launching point for surfers hiking/surfing/boating the "Lost Coast". Not to be confused with the bizarre, semi-isolated, mini community "Shelter Cove" just south of Linda Mar.
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