Our Trip:
Date Here:
September 8th, 2010
Location staying: Leo Carillo SB

Malibu is California's most famous point break. Parking is along PCH or the small payed parking lot.
It breaks on
south swells or big west to southwest swells. Medium tide is generally the best. Yet another south facing beach where the northwest winds blow offshore.
Rincon, it consists of three primary sections.

  • First Point - The inside break. Most consistent and crowded. Likes high tide better than the other sections.
  • Second Point - Shorter and faster than First Point.
  • Third Point - Farthest out, biggest, hollow, and mostly shortboards.
It's Malibu so it's always crowded. It is also another break that will be polluted after heavy rains. This is mostly a small wave break but on rare 8ft days the sections can all connect and create superlong rides. Malibu has a prominent place in California surfing history. Lots of innovation took place here and it is one of the earliest "ultra-crowded" spots.