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August 30th, 2010
Location staying: Caspar park RV Spot

Caspar Surf Spot

The Mendocino coast is a beautiful, albeit rugged place to surf. Over the decades, quite a local surf scene has developed here. Mendo is broken into a couple of sections: North of MacKerricker is the country; MacKerricker to Mendocino village as "town"; Manchester to Iversen Point is the south coast. A good portion of the coast is inaccessible unless you happen to own a boat.

Autumn and winter usually produce the best overall conditions for surfing along this coast, though in winter, the swells get large and often times its too stormy and disorganized to surf anywhere. Spring sucks, too much howling northwest gales and short-period swells. Summer can be good when the south swells reach this far north. Mendocino is also a sharky coast. Attacks are rare, but do happen. Sightings aren't uncommon.

Mendocino is also a working-class community, a touristy community and part of the marijuana culture's Emerald Triangle. Locals are, for the most part friendly, but only if you show respect. Don't surf up here like you would at your home break. Localism is rare these days, but still occur from time to time.

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