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September 10th, 2010
Location staying: Silver Strand SB


Oceanside is a long stretch of beach in North San Diego County bordering Orange County. Many miles of sandbars that are broken up with a very long pier and a harbor with a jetty on both sides. Both jetties and both sides of the pier are the most popular. There are some nice sandbars here so just about any spot can go off. It picks up ssw to wnw swells but southwest is best and medium to high tide is usually the best time. Although any given part of the beach can get crowded, there's lots of room to spread out. Lateral currents can create some shoulder burns at times.

There are tons of beachfront places to stay but I recommend North Coast Village. I've taken the family here a few times and it is extremely convenient. It's a gated complex with a koi fish pond running throughout, a swimming pool/hot tub, and a rec center. Many unit here are very reasonably priced. The best thing is you can grab your surfboard and walk out front to the beach.

The California Surf Museum is here and if you have kids Legoland is only a few minutes drive away. Oceanside is less crowded than many spots in Central in Southern San Diego County so I like it as a SoCal surf vacation. Check out the diner at the end of the pier.
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