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September 2nd, 2010
Location staying: Half Moon Bay SB

Although only a small fraction of surfers from the area are into surfing Mavericks, I think it defiantly counts as a "popular surf spot" just because of the publicly surrounding it. Personally, my only experience with this spot is standing on the bluff with everybody else and watching it on a big days.
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Mavericks is fairly close to the Half Moon Bay Jetty. It's out on a reef near Pillar Point Harbor beyond a bunch of boulders. The cliff next to the Pillar Point satellite station is the best place to see it. You can spot the satellite station from highway 1 easily enough. The big dish pointing straight into the sky marks the obvious location. Make sure you bring your binoculars.

These days it can get pretty crowded with spectators. The parking lot closest to it is tiny and the traffic on highway 1 can be bad. This is usually when the only thing I want to do is get to the Jetty and surf 5ft waves instead of surfing Mavericks.
So how big are the waves here? There have been
waves surfed here almost 70ft high! That's face height for you Hawaiians. There was also a set of waves here on 21 Nov 2001 that were 100ft high! Nobody surfed those waves, if such a thing is possible, because they had already cleared out due to deteriorating conditions. There were, however, a few jet skis still in the water. They had to race to the outside to get past the waves before they broke. Fortunately they made it. There's some good film of the day in the documentary 100ft Wednesday. I took some some video earlier that same day, unfortunately I didn't have a tripod and my camera sucked. The video looks a little bit like the Kennedy assassination film but if you want to see some people surfing Mavericks click here.
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