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September 1st, 2010
Location staying: SF RV Resort

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach can be unbelievable. That is, unbelievably perfect or unbelievably bad. This place is miles of beachbreak. The swell can be brutal, and I’ve had days when I couldn’t make the paddle out, even when it looked makable from the beach. Other times I scored good waves here for my entire session, even when I didn’t think anything was happening. Ocean Beach is exposed and picks up all the swell, as well as all the wind. It doesn't handle much onshore flow, but the sandbars are great. I like surfing it at all tides but prefer mid tide and any slack tide I can stumble on. The slack tide is nice because of the huge lateral current running north and south. There is good article on these currents from the SF Chronicle. Cardio conditioning comes in handy when you have to paddle against this current for a length of time and then jog a mile back to your car.

Empty OBSF Wave at Sunset


  • Seasons have a big impact here with the wave count definitely higher in winter and, my personal favorite, fall. Fall has quite a few nice, clean, sunny, head-high days. Winter is also good and can have the really big days. I pretty much stick to small and clean days and leave the big days for the heavies that can make the paddle out. How do they do it? Steroids? Crack? I don't know, but I’ve been amazed to see the handful of guys out on triple-overhead days. Spring or summer don't have as many good days and your more likely to find decent waves at the Half Moon Bay Jetty or Linda Mar.
Lots of room at Ocean Beach, but it can get filled up on good days, and there are quite a few Super-Technician barrel specialists at this popular surf spot in California.
Plenty of lodging near Ocean Beach. Near the north end of the beach is one of the cheaper hotels, Ocean Park Hotel (2690 46th Ave - Morbid side note: This is where singer-surfer Bradley Nowell from the band "Sublime" died). You can also find great food near the north end at the Beach Chalet (1000 Great Highway). the Beach Chalet is a nice restaurant with ocean views and the occasional surf band like the Mermen. This restaurant has a great outdoor area where you can hang out and walk through Golden Gate Park. Just up the hill from here is the less expensive Luis’ restaurant or the pricier Cliff House if you’d rather go all out. If you have kids, or heck, if you just like animals; the San Francisco Zoo is at the south end at Sloat Street.
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