Our Trip:
Date Here:
September 3rd, 2010
Location staying: New Brighton SB

Steamers Lane
Steamers Lane can be found near the Santa Cruz Surf Museum, which is in the lighthouse on the bluff. You can walk over to the bluff and look down on the wave. It's a great place to surf if you can take the crowds, which are always there. It is to the Eastside what Pleasure Point is to the Westside. Meaning it's the most popular spot in Santa Cruz.
There are several peaks here, with the names Indicators, Middle Peak, The Slot, and The Point. There all fun. There is surf on all tides but mid-range is best. It picks up south to northwest swell...that is to say just about everything.
Your skill or incompetence will be on display for the masses to see. they have a perfect view from the boardwalk.
Many years ago I was surfing here and took off on a wave but saw another guy coming out of the curl - basically I dropped in (really it was hard to see him)...woops! I had room to pull off. But wait..somebody dropped in on me..and then somebody in front of him. I had nowhere to go, it was ridiculous. Multiple F bombs later I went to a peak closer in...not quite as hectic. As I said, surfing Steamers Lane can be a crowded experience, but still an excellent place to surf.
Ironically, one of the best places to learn to surf, Cowells, is located just inside from the Lanes peaks.

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