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August 31st, 2010
Location staying: Doran Beach Camp Ground

 Doran Beach
Doran Beach is a
south to southwest facing crescent next to Bodega Bay. It's part of Sonoma County Doran Park. Like South Beach, the direction of the beach is it's biggest asset. Predominant, and frequently howling, northwest winds blow offshore closest to the harbor entrance and sideshore further down this two mile stretch. The beach direction also cuts down most swell in size significantly. It takes a big west swell to generate enough wrap and an even bigger northwest swell. The less freqeunt south swells make it right in here.

There are always people surfing here, particularly on the sandbars near the small parking area near the $6 payed entrance. Fortunately, there's plenty of room to spread out. It's a two hour drive from the sizeable SF Bay Area surfing population. In addition, it's not like the sandbars are an epic draw. All of which leads to waves you can usually surf alone or with just a few people nearby.
High tide is usually a must and even then many of the waves are closeouts due to the flatness of the bottom. In between those closeouts are some fast, racey waves. What you get here are some decent waves when everything else is blown out, generally without crowds, in a nice natural setting.
Doran Beach is also ones of those beaches where you can camp, take a very short walk to the beach, and surf. Aside from Doran Beach County Park, there are several other campground in the area. However, if you want surf Doran, this is the place to stay. Salmon Creek is also a short drive away.
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