Our Trip:
Date Here:
September 7th, 2010
Location staying: Point Mugu

Silver Strand
by Josh Skelton (Santa Barbara, CA)


Photo by Jared Skelton of SilverStrand Photography

Maine Surf
Silver Strand, or The Strand as some call it, is a strip of beach located in between the Channel Islands harbor and the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center. The beach is located in between two jetties and has breaks all along the strip, but the three main breaks are at the north jetty, the bowl (in between the north and south jetties), and the south jetty, or The Ship as locals know it due to a ship that was beached there back in the 70's and created a nice sand bar break. This spot usually has the best breaks during the winter months and can get some pretty good sized waves. When the wind picks up here, it gets pretty choppy, but get it at the right tide and time of day, and you won't be sorry. I've also been impressed by the talent that shows up here due to the variety of breaks, and the nice shape of the waves. You'll occasionally see Timmy Curran and others of like talent here as Timmy has a house on the beach. There are decent parking lots at both the North and South jetties, and if you know where to park, you can find a good spot not too far from The Bowl break. To see more photos of Silver Strand and other Ventura County surf spots, go to

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